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Help create a good climate

Greening your agenda

Transport and climate protection: how can that possibly work? We believe it can. That is why we have made environmental and climate protection an integral part of our long-term corporate strategy.

Environment meets economics

Mobility, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions all correlate. It is precisely here that we see an enormous environmental and economic opportunity: the more we can reduce our fuel consumption, the less carbon we will emit and the lower our costs will be. This in turn will be reflected in your own carbon footprint and transport costs.

Against this backdrop, we at Streck have set ourselves an ambitious sustainability target: net zero by 2030. But we will only achieve this by working on two fronts at once.

1. Reducing direct carbon emissions 

  • We regularly train our drivers in the economic and environmentally-friendly operation of their vehicles.
  • We only use vehicles meeting the latest emission standard, Euro 6, and keep them up to date on an ongoing basis.
  • Our fleet is equipped with assistance systems that positively influence fuel consumption and help reduce wear on brakes, tyres and the entire vehicle.
  • By using double-deck loading units we are able to optimally utilise our vehicles, even for sensitive and non-stackable goods.
  • We are currently in a test phase with our all-electric 15-tonne truck.
  • We are gradually moving our fleet of company cars over to electric and hybrid.
  • At our Möhlin and Pfungen sites we have installed wallboxes to support electric transport.

2. Reducing indirect carbon emissions

  • We go beyond the current energy standards for buildings at all sites, and renovate old buildings with an eye to energy efficiency.
  • We are sustainably reducing our energy requirements for heating and cooling by using groundwater geothermal energy.
  • As a matter of principle we install only LED lighting in our new buildings, and are gradually moving over to this technology at our existing properties.
  • We are gradually moving our forklift and pallet trucks over to lithium-ion battery technology, which operates up to 20% more energy efficiently than conventional lead-acid batteries, as well as recovering braking energy and making replacement batteries superfluous.
  • From transmitting orders to sending invoices, we process your jobs primarily on an electronic basis. For us, paper has long been a thing of the past.
  • We generate precious solar power with photovoltaic installations on the roofs of our premises.
  • In some buildings we’ve installed energy-saving windows in conjunction with automated shading systems.