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the links in your supply chain

Data into deeds

Supply chains can be simple or complex, and everything in between. Regardless the way you prefer to cooperating with your customers and business partners, we provide IT solutions that you can combine in a modular way. This enables your supply chain to be as it’s supposed to be: efficient.

«Basic» – simple but effective

This package gives you an online platform for order processing and plenty more besides:

  • Printing the shipping labels and loading list
  • Shipment tracking via Streck & Trace
  • Electronic billing by PDF

«comfort» – directly connected

With this package your distribution system is connected directly with our applications via an electronic data interface (EDI). There are multiple benefits for you:

  • Shipment tracking via Streck & Trace or direct status feedback
  • Electronic billing by PDF or electronic data interface (EDI)

«Premium» – fully integrated

This solution is created especially for complex logistics processes. It is precisely tailored to the needs of your supply chain:

  • Web-based processing from order placement to delivery

    - Your jobs and orders visualised and transparent

    - Active intervention in ongoing processes depending on the situation

    - Connect all parties involved, such as orderers, suppliers and consignees

    - Electronic file

    - Reporting
  • ​​​​​Electronic billing by PDF
  • Projects steered by our project management team

«SCM Plattform» – connected efficiently

One of the most important and difficult business-related tasks you are faced with is managing your procurement, transport and decisionmaking processes far-sightedly. Here we are happy to assist you with our many years of experience in supply chain management (SCM) and a state-of-the-art tool. Our SCM platform gives you a new way of communicating with your customers, suppliers, logistics services providers and business partners. This customised platform enables you to visualise all shipments and make their contents transparent. It also enables you to intervene directly in a process if the situation requires.

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