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of today and the day after tomorrow

We live to serve

We are an innovative, highly efficient and profitable SME that leads the market for freight forwarding, warehouse logistics and transport in the region where Switzerland, Germany and France meet. Our expertise and day-to-day engagement are the basis of the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

This vision has guided us since our foundation in 1946. Much has changed since then, but not our sense of corporate responsibility. Everything we do revolves around the people we work for and those who work for us. Here you will learn more about our philosophy as a family business.

For tradition and innovation

We are committed to economic efficiency and rely on synergy-rich cooperation with highly capable partners. Since Karl Streck established his forwarding company in Lörrach on 1 August 1946, we have operated as a family business with deep roots in the South Baden/Northwest Switzerland/Alsace region. Today our operations extend all around the globe. In close dialogue with you, our customers and business partners, we develop innovative solutions that more than meet your expectations.

For people and their needs and concerns

People shape the quality of our services and thus our success. For this reason we foster an open, honest, self-critical approach to dealings with ourselves and others. Responsibility, fairness and mutual respect, as well as praise and recognition, are hallmarks of our corporate culture. Only this way can we work together profitably on the basis of trust.

For strong partnerships

Our business model is built on long-term cooperation based on trust within partner networks. That is why we set the highest standards not only for our own entrepreneurial activities, but also for those of our suppliers, business partners and service providers. Beyond this we foster active membership of selected industry organisations.

For fairness and integrity

We are dependable and fair in our actions. For example we comply with all legal regulations, ethical and social standards, including the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), with no ifs or buts. We’re particularly concerned about human rights, workers’ rights and excluding discrimination. We encourage our staff to do voluntary work. We also condemn all forms of corruption and anti-competitive behaviour such as money laundering or fraud, orienting ourselves to current anti-corruption legislation including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act.

For a healthy planet

We protect our environment because it is where we live. Every year we invest considerable amounts in cutting-edge technology to improve our environmental performance and the quality of our services. Many years ago already we introduced an ISO 14001 environmental management system, and have extended it on an ongoing basis. This transparently records our environmental protection activities.

 For health and safety

Occupational health and safety affects us all. Safe, healthy workplaces enable a higher level of wellbeing and productivity for the people who are important to us. For this reason we consistently apply rules and regulations relevant to occupational safety. We do everything we can to assure the physical and psychological integrity of our employees. We see all this as part of our corporate responsibility.

We put occupational health prevention into practice via the following measures:

  • Training to prevent tripping and falling accidents
  • Cooperating with a local fitness establishment
  • Meeting the costs of specified sporting events
  • Internal sports teams and activities
  • Regular information and campaigns related to health matters
  • Ergonomic office seating

For a secure future

We also work hard to be able to continue offering our services in future. This involves investing in the continuous training of our staff and in job security. We also use forward-looking technologies. And last but not least, we hone our strengths by fostering an open culture of error and learning from our imperfection. This way we use change as an opportunity to do it better each time and help shape the future.

For maximum quality

Quality underlies the way we think and work on a day-to-day basis, and assures the continued existence of our business. Quality enables us to make satisfied customers into loyal customers. Our commitment to quality includes uncompromising compliance with legal regulations. It also involves measuring the results of our work so that we can communicate them transparently and improve on an ongoing basis. Last but not least, it involves keeping a close eye on costs. Cost and quality awareness aren’t mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite, in fact.