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successfully throughout Europe

Quick in, fine out

For your imports and exports you can rely on our tightly scheduled timetable with daily departures and on the quality of our service. You have three service packages to choose from: «Classic» for time-flexible shipments within our standard delivery deadline, «Priority» for urgent shipments with the shortest transit time and «Fix» for shipments with a delivery date specified by you.

An option for every need

When it comes to planning your international road consignments, we can offer a range of additionally bookable options, including pre-alerts and time defined deliveries. And remember that via our online portal you can place road transport orders around the clock, track your shipments in real time, keeping your office digital and paperless.

contact us

If you have any questions about international road transport, our competent specialist staff will be happy to help you. 
Export: By phone on +41 (0) 61 855 14 40 or by e-mail at
Import: By phone on +41 (0) 61 855 13 60 or by e-mail at